A Review for KillerGuides’ Guild Wars 2 Reference

If you want to be the best in an online game, you need assistance. This is the driving force for players such as I who thoroughly researches for the best online guide available on the internet. Presenting with different online game companies, I found out one game guide company who stands out from the rest: Killer Guides. I’ve been using Killer Guides since it was newly established back in 2006. This game guide company contains guides for many hit titles such as: The Secret World, Aion, City of Heroes and all of World of Warcraft’s expansions. In anticipation for ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 launch, Killer Guides has three guides now available for purchase.

Guild Wars 2 Strategy and Leveling Compendium

I bought the Guild Wars 2 Leveling Book for the price of $29.99 USD and I was immediately able to download my purchased product. Do keep in mind products published by Killer Guides is in PDF format so make sure you update your Adobe Reader to the latest version. Presenting over one-hundred pages of content, I skimmed through the chapters to locate a chapter about the Ranger’s pets. Currently I’m playing the Ranger class and I’m having trouble finding the best pet with the highest DPS. Consulting the guide, the guide presented me with a table of every pet (in eleven pet families) noting down their attributes. Narrowing it down, one of the recommendations was using the Hyena. Curious, I read through the author’s explanation why the Hyena would be a Ranger’s best friend. Testing this out, I was impressed by the easier battles my Hyena and I encountered. Coupling with skill rotations, racking in experience points was actually really fun! Thumbs up!

Next I focused more on the skill traits and rotations. I didn’t want to mindlessly spend my trait points then reset them at a later date. Reading through the chapter, I applied the trait points accordingly. As of the moment I’m using a Guardian which is the master of tanking. Next I headed out to test some of the skill rotations in the gw2 strategy e-book. I will say this directly: the step by step skill rotations were pretty neat! At the beginning I was puzzled why I had to use this specific skill on this specific mob. As I continuously used the skill I began to realize how effective it really was. There was not only one skill rotation but the author wrote out over ten skill rotations. If one doesn’t work, use the next one. Through this method alone, I found several skill rotations which I can use at any time without wasting time thinking of my own.

Reading through the guide, everything is in order. However, I do have some minor criticisms with the guide. It doesn’t necessarily deal with the content itself but I was looking forward to a visual guide. For example, some maps or images to show where to go rather than being directed with words. It’s not a big deal.

What’s my overall verdict? I give this guide Stars. The content was well written and well researched. All the topics I wanted to know were covered in the guide. Starting off with leveling strategies, talent builds to step-by-step walkthroughs. Another successful guide released by Killer Guides! For new players thinking about trying and buying Guilds Wars 2, I highly recommend Killer Guides. You can read more about their products here.

Operating Skills Defined In Guild Wars 2 Guide

Below is a summarization of how to use the UI interface in Guild Wars 2. Going into more depth about how to use the skills in Guild Wars 2, I highly recommend the Guild Wars 2 strategy and leveling booklet, breaking down all the abilities possessed by each profession.

Guild Wars 2

A lot of World of Warcraft people have a problem with Guild Wars 2’s entirety when they see the UI. They think, “What? You can only press five skills? This is dumb. In WOW I have a whole spellbook, but you don’t need to have access to an entire spellbook that you’re not going to even use most of the time. Pick whatever class you want. When you spec your character in World of Warcraft, into one of the three specs for any given class, you limit the use of your spellbook anyway. The UI is a put-off at first but you have to understand why it’s cool. It’s a lot of the reason why people don’t like League of Legends, because you only press four buttons. Well, you actually press six buttons and you click a lot, but that doesn’t matter. Sometimes you can hold space, but I’m not going to get into that. So the UI should not put you off at all to Guild Wars 2 guide. Yes, you have a lot more options with World of Warcraft, but don’t worry. It’ll make sense and you’ll understand why it’s important and why it’s exciting.

Guild Wars 2 User interface

Let’s jump into the UI. In GW2, the UI looks like this. On the left side of your screen, one through five are your weapons skills. The weapons skills are comprised of whatever weapon you have in your possession at the time. One through three, if you’re dual-wielding, are your main hand weapon skills, four and five are your off-hand, unless you’re a guild wars 2 thief guide, then one and two are your main hand, four and five are your off-hand, and three is a combination of whatever you’re using, whether it’s dual pistols or dual daggers or a rifle like in this Fallout 4 Beginner Guide to Leveling. So remember that as we talk about weapons because weapons are more of a play style choice in Guild Wars II rather than having a better weapon that does more damage. Weapons do more damage in Guild Wars II, but they change up the play style that you choose to play as, and how you choose to counter certain people’s play styles in combat, or in certain dungeons and stuff like that. It really doesn’t matter what profession you decide to pick. These are choices that you’re going to have to make when you get into the game anyway, whether it’s PVE or PVP.

Guild Wars 2 Guide To The Combat System

Introducing the unofficial guide to the guild wars 2 combat system, this nifty guide here gives you an insider’s look how to effectively use your skills in combat. I think that this Gw2 leveling book can help you in battle. For one, the book tells you how to use your skills in battle, especially in the professionally designed skill rotation.

Guild War 2 Guide to Combat

I looked at Guild Wars I and went, “Why should I care about Guild Wars II?” and I shrugged it off. But after taking some time to look into the game, I’ve learned a lot of really cool things about the game that I want to share with you guys. Stuff that makes me excited, and that I know is going to make you excited. Let’s jump right in.

Combat in Guild Wars 2 leveling guide is so cool and interesting. Let’s look at World of Warcraft combat. In PVE and in PVP you want to execute a spell rotation that allows you to do as much damage as you possibly can in the shortest amount of time you possibly can. And there are a lot of people who spend a lot of time to figure this out, and congrats to them. In PVP you want to do the exact same thing, but you also want to counter certain people’s decisions. Basically what I’m saying is your opponent can change their rotation to optimize their survivability for a little while and then optimize their damage after they’ve survived your damage. Then the back and forth begins. In most cases, everyone wins except the warrior, because the warrior can’t survive without a healer.
Guild Wars 2

In World of Warcraft, that’s how it works, and we like that, and that’s all fun and games, and that’s really great. In Guild Wars II guide, it kind of works like this. When you press a button, you swing. Whatever that ability is, you use it.

Also, in Guild Wars II combat, you have a dodge mechanic that is funded by a resource called endurance. The little bar above the right action bar in the UI for Guild Wars II is the endurance bar that lets you dodge. Some professions can dodge more often than others, but that’s just because that’s the way that their profession works. What does dodging help you do? Well, dodging helps you not get hit by telegraphable skills. I know that Guild Wars 2 Warrior guide to a skill where they swing their mace and the longer they hold down the mace, they’ll hit you for more. If you get the hell out of it, you won’t get hit for as much. Or a certain swing on two-handers take a little bit longer to actually happen, so you can get out of them. If you feel like getting hit by one, you can stand there, sure, but in the game the combat allows you to have the choice to move out of the way. Again, this rewards you for being a really good player, and it also instills dynamics in combat.  u don’t even have to be on the target. This actually holds you accountable for pressing the button when you’re supposed to when you’re in melee range. I want you to keep that in mind because that actually rewards you for being a skilled player in this game and you’ll feel better for it.

Basic Knowledge of “Influence of Guild” in Guild War 2

Guild Wars 2 guild

In Guild Wars 2, influence of guild is earned by participating in dynamic events, world versus world, structured PVP, and even solo content such as your personal story while representing a guild. Players can even exchange coin for influence at a guild promoter. Influence is the currency that guilds can use to buy things such as experience boosts and guild vaults. Influence points can be spent in the guild interface in four different categories including architecture, art of war, economy, and politics, each of which focus on different aspects of the game. The architecture category upgrades include a guild bank and the ability for an additional upgrade to build simultaneously. The art of war category allows guilds to buy buffs that are used in world versus world. When their guild has controlled the structure in world versus world, they can purchase buffs such as increase experience or a better chance to discover rare loot. A guild can even buy a 10% influence increase for three days. According to guild wars 2 guide, the economy category will give buffs such as increase experience, karma, and a better chance to find rare loot. The politics category will allow guilds to buy influence buffs for PVE or even buy a guild banner that will give 5% experience to any ally that touches it.

Keep in mind that all of these categories have different levels within them. Before you are able to buy any of the upgrades from any of the categories, you must obtain a skill level of one. Each level one costs 500 influence and takes 16 hours to research. Some of the buffs are unobtainable until your guild reaches a certain level in that category. For instance, increased chance to find rare loot in the economy category requires economy level three. Research time for things can range anywhere from 16 hours to one week.

Looking for more information about buffs? I highly suggest you read through the gw2 secrets book about all the available buffs you can purchase for your guild.

Get to Know “the Guild System”, the Most Attracting Feature in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Guild

Today we’ll be talking about the guild system in Guild Wars 2. If there is one feature in this game that has the most concern from it’s audience, it is definitely the guild system. ArenaNet has innovated many aspects of MMO’s in Guild Wars 2 and the guild system might have received the biggest change of them all. Many people are used to being part of one and only one guild. The guild would include friends you met online, friends you know in real life, and like minded individuals who share the same goals as you. Guilds have scheduled events such as raids and PVP events and the commitment to a guild is crucial. Being reliable to your guild is one of, if not the biggest thing of all. ArenaNet is making a pretty big change to this format and is allowing players to be part of multiple guilds at once. Let’s take a look at the guild system ArenaNet has in place for Guild Wars 2.

As most of you are used to, guilds are linked to the account and not a specific character just like it was in Guild Wars 1. If you are part of a guild with one character, no other you create needs to be invited to that guild. When you create a new character you may choose to join Guild Wars 2 Artworkthe guilds that the account is affiliated with or you can choose not to join any of them. Next up is the feature that has most people concerned, and that is the ability to a part of any number of guilds at once. Even though you can be a part of as many guilds as you want to, you can only represent one of them. When a character logs in they choose which guild they want to represent. They can also switch to the guild from the interface without having to log out. When you choose the guild to represent you will see members of the guild on your map, the guild roster, and the guild chat. Keeps are sediments you capture in world versus world battles, will show the banner of your represented guild, and any influence points you earn will only go to the guild you are currently representing.

The ability to see guild numbers on your map is really a great idea. You can check your map to see if any of your guild members are participating in dynamic events nearby, and see if they want continue and do some guild wars 2 leveling together. It will also be very helpful in world versus world and will allow you to see where a majority of your guild is located, and see what objectives that are focusing on. The multiple guilds feature doesn’t concern me at all. I think it is a solid idea because there are always different types of guilds in MMO’s. There are your casual guilds, your PVE guilds, PVP guilds, and some that focus on both PVE and PVP.

Now I’m not saying this is the sole reason this system was created, but it could be very helpful for people who are very PVP or PVE minded but their friends aren’t. This system gives them the ability to be a part of two guilds for both their interests and their friends. The system is just another way ArenaNet is promoting building a community. Players aren’t forced to be in multiple guilds or even one guild. This just gives players the option to explore different types of guilds, meet new people, and make new friends. Another quick note before we move onto influence, report for guilds will be available. Things such as guild calendars, guild chat accessible from a web browser, and through Smart Phone apps will be a part of Guild Wars 2.

For more information about the game’s guild’s system, check out this guild wars 2 strategy compendium I wrote for this website.

The Most Important UI You Must Know in Guild Wars 2

In continuation from the last post, this guide here explains the type of skills appearing on your UI according to each profession. Also, players should learn what types of skills are associated with each weapon so you can expect the most damage out of your weapon. For more information, you can read through this handy guild wars 2 e-book for a better idea. Highly recommended for beginners.

Guild Wars 2 Norn

The button on the left of the left side of the action bar in Guild Wars 2 UI has two arrows, that is a swap weapons button. You can press tilde on your keyboard and it’ll swap your weapons. Most professions have the option to swap between two sets of weapons. On the UI you can slot two weapons, so you can have two two-handed weapons, or you can have two dual-wielding sets, or one dual-wielding set and one two-hander, it depends on how you want to do it, how you feel like playing today, and how you feel like beating someone else with it later in PVP. So that’s why it’s cool, because it changes the way – so anyway. Weapons in the game give you skills. Why is this awesome? If you are playing as guild wars 2 guardian guide and dual-wield a sword and an ax, or a sword and a mace, or a mace and an ax, or a mace and a sword, you’re going to get combinations of these different skills that you bring to the fight, which brings different utilities that you can provide to yourself or your team, or just because you feel like chopping kids up a bunch. Chop, chop! Swing, swing! Chop, chop!

Guild Wars 2 Asura

The red globe in the middle of screen is the health. That’s simple, right? I don’t think I have to explain. The action buttons that pertain to 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0 are your self-heal, your three utility skills, and your elite skill. Theses skills are available to all professions. Even guild wars 2 ranger guide can heal yourself. You basically create a build out of all five of these slots that allow you to play differently. Not only are the weapons factoring into your play style, but these utility skills are going to factor into your play style as well. Awesome!

To sum this all up for you, Guild Wars 2 combat is about positioning, when and where it’s prudent to use certain skills, and what you bring to the table as far as how you’re going to benefit yourself, how you’re going to benefit your teammates, and how you’re going to dice up people when you PVP, or when you do dungeons, how you’re going to optimize yourself so that you can share the tank roll with other players or something like that. There are even more things, there’s more than just utility skills and what weapons you’re bringing that change out your play style. You’ve also got traits, which are the talents on steroids, then you’ve got upgrade components, then you’ve got, I don’t know, what else. Before I go, I want to ask what weapons do you think your profession, or combination of weapon and stance or weapon and toolkit do you think your profession that you’re going to play in Guild Wars II is going to be your favorite? Post your comment below!

GW2 Guide to the First 2 Structured PvP Map

Below is a short article written by a well established PvP veteran from the original Guild Wars. For Guild Wars 2, the author has returned to talk about structured pvp maps in the game. He also wrote an entire guild wars 2 pvp booklet including maps.

Niflhel, one of structured pvp map in Guild Wars 2,has two PVE MOBs that give a nice buff to whichever team gets the killing blow on it. And they aren’t that easily soloable. If you’ve played League of Legends or Dota, you will know all about this. My problem though, this isn’t a MOBA-type game. It should be pure player-versus-player. And in my opinion, I wouldn’t have those mobs in the map.


I also found that with so much line of sight, it can sometimes be kind of hard to find the enemy. The map is like a maze in some ways, and the capture points themselves are almost hidden behind obstructions. Making it difficult to see who is there or who is coming. And this kind of makes fights boil down to the center or central map area, which mostly comes from AOE professions like guild wars 2 elementalist and guild wars 2 necromancer class, and the fight is also far away from any capture points.

The other map, Battle of Kyhlo, is much better in my opinion. For one, there are no PVE MOBs. Instead, there are two trebuchets that can pretty much hit everywhere on the map. And they can be broken by the enemy team. Which makes the map gimmick require more active player participation. The trebuchets can be used to break the cover off the middle point.

Guild Wars 2 Battle of Kyhlo

This is old hat by now. This is information that’s been available since they first announced PvP being in Guild Wars 2. I didn’t mess with the trebuchets anyway. I was playing as mesmer in guild wars 2 and to busy stabbing people in the face with a pair of daggers from my illusions.

Battle of Kyhlo feels less like a maze than Niflhel. Fights will primarily be near the actual control point, which, by the way, can be easily seen from across the map. And because of the central clock tower, navigation on this much is so much easier. The map is not nearly as vertical, although it does have its ups and downs, not anywhere near as much as all the other map. You could think of this map as the Heroes of the Storm battleground as mentioned in http://www.hotsguide.net/. Both maps may come as a shock to anyone who has played any other BG and any other MMO.

Let’s take World of Warcraft for instance, which had very open, very large maps. In Guild Wars 2, they are very enclosed. At times almost claustrophobic. This isn’t a bad thing if handled correctly, like Kyhlo, but incorrectly, can make the whole match one big cluster. By launch, there should be two more maps. So only time will tell if the fairly enclosed map design trend will continue.

Battle of Kyhlo Map

Improvements from Guild Wars 1 to Guild Wars 2

gw2 classes

Since Eye of the North, the last expansion to the original Guild Wars, Arena Net’s been busy working on a sequel. After playing for a few hours, it seems like the studio’s doing a lot right. It’s a beautiful MMO with great art direction that plays well and has tons of options for customization. Guild Wars 2 is not the same kind of game as the first. It’s a huge open world now instead of the heavily-instant structure of the original. From what I played it’s also better. First off, you can finally jump and swim. There’s even underwater combat, which gives you an entirely separate skill bar that’s profession specific. That means as an guild wars 2 engineer guide, you can toss out lines or fling a net to snare fish while you take shots at them. The skill system has also been reworked so it’s still flexible but slightly more controlled.

Skills are tied to weapons, so, as an engineer a rifle comes with five pre-set skills as does a pistol. That accounts for one half of the skill bar. The other half is entirely customizable and includes quick or team heals, additional attack options, and options to quickly tailor your fighting style to the current situation. The idea behind this flexibility is to make it just as possible to run a dungeon with five of the same class as it is with the traditional healer, tank, and DPS set-up, read more at Guild Wars 2 guide. Everyone can step into multiple roles. Engineers can set up thumper and rifle turrets to automatically pick away at foes, or equip one of various kits to change the primary skill sets. Even a flamethrower can be strapped to the engineer’s back for flame attacks that sweep across multiple targets and fire walls that singe targets over time.

The dungeons sound as though they’ll be especially re-playable since they can be run first in a story mode complete with cut scenes, then again afterwards to see new paths and fight new enemies. And, of course, there will be rewards. Arena Net wants everyone to get something out of a dungeon run, so when you down the final boss you will get enough tokens to turn it in for something cool tailored to your guild wars 2 class guide. There’s so much more to this game including a free-form public questing system and loads of ways to customize your class beyond the initial skill selection. Altogether it makes Guild Wars 2 without a doubt one of the most impressive MMOs in development. For more on Guild Wars 2 head over to www.guildwars2.com

Reading through for more information about the game and what to expect in it, The guild wars 2 strategy booklet contains talent builds for each of the professions, including how to use the builds to your advantage.