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Loan without proof of income

The loan without proof of income is especially suitable for the unemployed and women on maternity leave. It is clear from the name that you do not need to prove your income to obtain a loan. On the other hand, this type of loan has the disadvantage of higher interest rates and a reduction in […]

What is the difference between these loan types?

Dear children, many names are said, and if you have ever applied for a loan, you have probably noticed that there are many different types to choose from; Flexible loans, unsecured loans, frame loans… Note that it is not just in the name the differences lie, but in the terms. Here we have gathered a […]

Loan for the self-employed – find reputable offers

For the self-employed, financial life is usually associated with many uncertainties. The dependency on customer payments, regular investments in the company and problematic bank credit ratings make it difficult to achieve financial security and independence. Particularly with regard to loans and credits, entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-up entrepreneurs have a considerable disadvantage compared to employees. The […]